About Our Courses

Wood Studio

HCS Wood Studio courses provide inspiration to learn and enjoy safe and sensible woodworking.  Our students practice and develop their craft with guidance from passionate and compelling furniture makers, product designers, and artists. 

Introductory Courses
Prerequisite: none

At HCS, we teach the fundamentals of cutting things apart and putting them together by building useful objects.  Students receive clear instruction for the safe operation of woodworking machinery and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with each tool and process as they turn rough lumber into fine, practical items.

Wood studio introductory courses

Foundation Courses - Furniture
Prerequisite: Introductory course 

Foundation Courses are an opportunity to dive deeper into woodworking by building furniture.  Students will gain hands-on experience cutting and fitting structural solid wood joinery and learn the techniques of experienced furniture makers to develop their accuracy, efficiency and patience.

Wood studio foundation courses

Advanced Courses
Prerequisite: Foundation course

Advanced Courses in the HCS Wood Studio explore the process of forming good ideas into ideal goods.
Wood studio advanced courses →

Keystone Courses 
Prerequisite: none

Keystone courses offer the chance to learn specialized tools and techniques.  Students will dive deep into unique projects and novel experiences.

Wood studio keystone courses