Studio Guidelines Specific to Wood Studio Members

Hamilton Craft Studios

In order to maintain the efficiency and organisation of the wood studio, please review the guidelines below.


  1. Members will be in good standing.
  2. Members will have completed an orientation and safety assessment.
  3. Members will have signed all relevant Waivers and documentation
  4. Members do not have access to the studio during scheduled class times. Please refer to the studio calendar available online.


The Wood Studio may only be accessed during designated drop-in hours.

Thursday 5:00pm to 9:00pm
Friday 5:00pm to 9:00pm
Saturday 9am to 5pm
Sunday 9am to 5pm 


  1. Members may access the four benches located in the common bench room.
  2. Members may access the tools and supplies located in the shared shelf and cabinets in the common area               
  3. Lumber / materials / sheet goods and consumables may be purchased from HCS. Materials pricing and availability are clearly marked, please follow the price sheet available. A technician is on duty to help with purchase orders - do not take materials without first speaking to the technician.
  4. Shorts and scrap material are available at no charge, the bins are located ______ and are clearly labelled..
  5. HCS Studio equipment can be used once the member has completed all necessary sign offs.
    Machines available include:
    • SawStop Station
    • 16 inch and 6-inch Jointers
    • 15-inch Planer
    • 18 inch and 14-inch Bandsaws
    • Router Table
    • Edge Sander
    • Drum Sander
    • Radial Arm Saw
  6. The following machines are reserved for Directors and Full Time Members with Director Approval
    • SCM Panel Saw
    • AXYZ CNC
    • AVID CNC
    • Felder Resaw 
    • Rockwell Planer
    • SCM Wide Belt Sander
  7. No Member shall remove, displace or otherwise disturb any materials, tools or equipment located in the areas beyond those designated for use by the members.
  8. Non-Members are not permitted to work in the studio. This includes helping/ assisting active Members.
  9. Visitors must check in with HCS Staff


  1. Members will check in with the Studio Technician upon arrival to review your plans for the day prior to starting your work.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment will be worn during any machine operation and will be strictly enforced by HCS staff. Safety Glasses are mandatory.
  3. Proper attire must be worn at all times:
    • Closed toed shoes required - do not wear open toe shoes or sandals in the wood studio at any time.
    • No loose clothing. 
    • No jewellery.     
  4. When you are finished using a machine or tool please clean it and return all points to zero.
    - Remove any dust from the inside and surface of the machine.
    - Return tables, fences and locks to neutral.
    - Lower table saw blades.
    - Sweep area around machine
    - Dispose of off cuts
    - Put all supplementary supplies back where they’re stored (clamps, screw drivers, jigs, etc)
    - Return all parts and accessories to their designated storage locations.
  5. At the end of your session return tools to their storage area, dust off the workbench and sweep around the workspaces.
  6. DO NOT use any machines you do not have operational knowledge of / experience with. If unclear with any machine/tool use or set up please seek assistance from the Studio Technician.
  7. Storage is available for a monthly fee. Projects, materials and tools are not to be stored on site without a storage agreement in place.
  8. Glue-ups must be timed to be taken out of the clamps before the end of the session. Complex glue-ups and project assemblies that require extended time on the communal benches or storage on site must be organised with a studio technician.
  9. Everyone will do their best to accommodate additional members in the bench room when required, common areas are to be shared equally by all members attending the drop in.                                 

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines. Together, we can maintain a productive and harmonious environment at Hamilton Craft Studios.

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