About us

Hamilton Craft Studios connects our community with the resources needed to create, providing an inclusive and inspiring space to practise their craft.

HCS provides access to space, machinery, tools, logistic networks, supply chains, and sales channels to makers of all skill levels. HCS offers the opportunity to share in the joy of creating good work and developing skills within a supportive, professionally run and well equipped studio space.  HCS provides an inclusive environment to learn, grow, and develop a craft practice as part of an exciting and engaged community.

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121 Princess St, Hamilton, ON L8L 8B7


Dayna Gedney 

Dayna is a multidisciplinary artist working in ceramics, textiles and wood. Dayna’s work exhibits finesse with materials and diligent refinement. Her work is as much about the process of making as it is about the final product, an ever developing exercise in not limiting material and perpetually expanding her skill set while exploring craft. 

Joseph Bauman 

Joseph hails from Port Dover, Ontario and relocated to Hamilton in 2014. Joseph is a furniture maker and home decor designer. Raised on a 6 acre fruit and vegetable farm in rural Norfolk, his work draws inspiration from the straightforward, rugged problem solving necessary to keep crops growing and agricultural machinery moving. His objects are an expression of simple support, executed with care and patience.

David Scola

David Scola is dedicated community builder and integral part of the HCS team. Building on years of experience in traditional cabinet making artisan and woodworker David Scola has developed a skill set that allows him to take projects of varying degrees of complexity.

Beth Martin
Programming Assistant

Beth Martin is an artist and instructor who started as a member at HCS and is now a key member of the programming team. Beth has been working in creative and entrepreneurial industries for years. Beth has experience working in marketing and communications, but found she loved the “boring” stuff: organizing projects, making spreadsheets, keeping track of details, putting together mailings, communicating with and managing clients.