• Object - Ceramics - Teapot

Object - Ceramics - Teapot


● Sessions: 4
● Instructor: Pippa Sams
● Studio: Ceramics
● Age Level: 18+

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Wheel Throwing: Teapot

Join us for an immersive 4-week journey to create a functional masterpiece. Ideal for those with throwing experience, you'll be expertly guided in shaping individual teapot components and assembling them into a stunning, functional artwork. Elevate your ceramics expertise and bring your teapot vision to life in a supportive and enriching studio environment.

Explore the fascinating world of ceramics through our engaging and hands-on ceramics classes at Hamilton Craft Studios. Whether you're a beginner looking to discover the art of clay or an experienced ceramicist wanting to refine your skills, our classes offer a creative and supportive environment to learn, create, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Start Date: Wednesday, February 7
End Date: Wednesday, February 28
Sessions: 4
Hours: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Skill Level: Our ceramics classes cater to various skill levels, from beginners with no prior experience to intermediate and advanced learners seeking to expand their knowledge and techniques in ceramics. This class is intended for Intermediate throwers. If you can confidently centre and throw, we encourage you to join, to push yourself in the class and explore a more complex form with multiple parts.

Your Instructor: Our experienced ceramics instructors are passionate about sharing their expertise and guiding you through the journey of working with clay. With a deep understanding of various ceramic processes, they will provide you with personalised instruction and feedback to help you achieve your artistic goals.

This course is taught by: Pippa Samsworth
Pippa Samsworth, a ceramic artist hailing from Oakville, Ontario, infuses her work with sentimentality and nostalgia. A graduate of Sheridan's Craft and Design Program, her illustrative ceramics reflect a unique blend of craftsmanship and emotion, offering students a captivating journey into the world of artistic storytelling.

Materials and Supplies: All necessary ceramics materials and tools will be provided for use during the class. This includes clay, glazes, pottery wheels, and various hand tools. Additional details about materials will be provided during class times.

HCS Facilities and Equipment: Hamilton Craft Studios’ well-equipped ceramics facilities are designed to facilitate a diverse range of ceramic work. Our spacious and well-lit studio is equipped with pottery wheels, kilns, work tables, and other essential tools to support your creative journey.

Registration: To enrol in a ceramics course or workshop, please complete purchase of your chosen course online. Spaces are limited, so early registration is recommended to secure your spot.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: We understand that circumstances can change. If you need to cancel your enrollment, please refer to our cancellation and refund policy outlined on our website. We strive to accommodate changes while ensuring a fair experience for all participants.

Safety Measures: Your safety is our priority. We maintain a safe and clean studio environment, and our instructors will provide guidance on proper usage of tools and equipment. We adhere to safety protocols to ensure a secure and enjoyable ceramics experience.

Community: Join our vibrant community of fellow ceramics enthusiasts, where you'll have the opportunity to share ideas, collaborate, and engage in creative discussions. Our ceramics classes foster a sense of camaraderie, allowing you to connect with others who share your passion for clay. The studio offers membership based access to our facilities if you are keen to continue your creative journey with us.

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