School Groups - Elementary

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Class Excursions at Hamilton Craft Studios

Bring your students to Hamilton Craft Studios for an engaging and hands-on group activity that combines learning, creativity, and fun! Our studio offers a unique opportunity for students to explore various mediums and learn practical skills through interactive workshops. From pottery and painting to textile arts and woodworking, we provide a diverse range of activities that encourage experimentation and self-expression. Our experienced instructors foster a supportive environment, inspiring students to try something new and unleash their creativity. Join us for a memorable and educational experience where students can discover the joy of making and take home their own unique creations.

School Group Itinerary - 3 hour session at HAMILTON CRAFT STUDIOS

  • 15 minutes: Welcome and Get Situated
      • Greet the school group as they arrive at the studio.
      • Provide a brief introduction and guide them to the designated area to put away their bags and belongings.

  • 60 minutes: Craft Session 1
      • Split the group into two parties.
      • One party proceeds to Craft 1 in the general arts area for a 1-hour session.
      • The other party goes to Craft 2 in the ceramics area for a 1-hour session.

  • 30 minutes: Food and Rest Break
      • Gather the entire group for a break to have snacks or lunch.
      • Provide a designated area for dining and relaxation.
      • Allow the students to rest, socialise, and recharge.

  • 60 minutes: Craft Session 2
      • Parties switch craft stations.
      • The group that previously participated in Craft 1 now proceeds to Craft 2 for a 1-hour session, while the other group moves to Craft 1.

    • 15 minutes: Clean Up and Departure
      • Allocate time for students to clean up their workstations and collect their belongings.
      • Guide the group in an organised manner as they prepare to leave the studio.

    Please note that this itinerary is a general guideline and can be adjusted based on the specific needs and preferences of the school group.


    Wood Wobots
    Unleash your woodworking skills as you design and craft your own wooden wobot friend, using rudimentary architectural drawings. Dive into carpentry basics and bring your imaginative creations to life. (ages 7 - 12)

    Clay Critters
    Step beyond pinch pots and embark on a clay adventure to sculpt charming animal characters. Learn sculpture techniques and surface decoration methods to give your critters unique personalities. (ages 5-12)

    Party Bunting
    Join the fun of fabric decoration by exploring printmaking, painting, and embellishment techniques. Create personalised bunting to showcase your creativity and add a touch of whimsy to any celebration. (ages 7 - 12)

    Discover the art of printmaking by mastering stencil creation. Unlock a world of unique prints using various techniques, building confidence in exploring ideas and embracing artistic experimentation. (ages 7 - 12)

    Puppet Making
    Let your creativity soar in the textile studio as you design and craft your own functional hand puppet. Gain valuable skills applicable to everyday repairs while learning the art of translating two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional artworks. (ages 10 - 12)

    Story Book Illustration
    Ignite your imagination with mixed media drawing and bring stories to life through visual representations. Explore texture, depth, and color with guided prompts and playful exercises, fostering creativity and a love for storytelling through art. (ages 7 - 12)

    Whistle Making
    Explore the art of clay as you embark on a journey to create unique and functional clay whistles. Learn clay sculpting techniques and experiment with different shapes and designs to craft your own personalized whistles. Discover the joy of making music while unleashing your creativity in the studio. (ages 6 - 12)

    Make It Mini
    Join us on a creative adventure as we dive into the world of miniature art and design. Using recycled materials, discover the magic of transforming everyday items into tiny masterpieces. From miniature furniture to household items, learn to see materials with a fresh perspective and unlock your imagination to create unique and imaginative miniatures. Let's turn the ordinary into extraordinary! (ages 10 - 12)



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