• Basket Weave Footstool
  • Basket Weave Footstool
  • Basket Weave Footstool

Basket Weave Footstool


● Sessions: 2
● Instructor: Jake Whillans or Dayna Gedney
● Studio: Wood
● Age Level: 18+

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Basket Weave Footstool

Workshops are an opportunity to come into the space and have an easy introduction to woodworking or to further develop specific skills.  Students will gain hands-on experience with studio machinery and woodworking processes. 

In this Workshop:
  • Learn how to weave a basket weave pattern using danish cord
  • Two days of hands on learning in the studio
  • Take home your beautifully crafted footstool

The footstool frames are made at HCS by our talented team of emerging artists. There is no woodworking component to this course.

One session of in studio learning, led by a professional craftsperson. All materials are included. 

At HCS, we teach the fundamentals of cutting things apart and putting them together by building useful objects.  Students receive clear instruction for the safe operation of woodworking machinery and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with each tool and process as they turn rough lumber into fine, practical items.

Start Date: Saturday, March 23
End Date: Sunday, March 24
Sessions: 2
Hours: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Skill Level: Beginner. Our wood workshops accommodate diverse skill levels, welcoming novices intrigued by woodworking and accomplished woodworkers aspiring to advance their techniques.

Materials and Supplies: All essential materials and tools for the workshop will be provided for use during the sessions. This includes wood, carving tools, finishing supplies, and various hand tools. Detailed information about materials will be shared during the course.

Your Instructor: Our experienced woodworking instructors are dedicated to imparting their expertise and guiding you through the intricacies of working with wood. With extensive knowledge of various woodworking processes, they provide personalised guidance and feedback to support your creative journey.

This course is taught by: Joseph Bauman
Joseph Bauman is an accomplished furniture maker and home decor designer originally from Port Dover, Ontario. Raised on a fruit and vegetable farm, he developed a penchant for practical solutions, evident in his craft. Rooted in his agricultural background, Joseph's work radiates the essence of steadfast support, meticulously fashioned with care and patience. With a decade of experience teaching woodworking to new learners, Joseph approaches teaching with the same care and support that characterise his artistic creations.

HCS Facilities and Equipment: Hamilton Craft Studios' well-equipped woodworking studio is designed to accommodate a wide range of woodworking projects. Our spacious studio is furnished with woodworking benches, professional machinery, tools, clamps and other essential equipment to support your creative journey.

Registration: To enrol in a woodworking course or workshop, please complete the purchase of your selected program online. With limited spaces available, early registration is recommended to secure your spot.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: We recognize that plans may change. For information on cancellations and refunds, please refer to our policy outlined on our website. Our goal is to accommodate changes while ensuring an equitable experience for all participants.

Safety Measures: Your safety is paramount. We uphold a secure and clean studio environment, and our instructors will provide guidance on the proper use of tools and equipment. We adhere to safety protocols to ensure a safe and enjoyable woodworking experience.

Community: Join our thriving community of woodworking enthusiasts, where you'll have the opportunity to exchange ideas, collaborate, and engage in creative conversations. Our woodworking programs foster camaraderie, allowing you to connect with fellow woodworkers who share your passion. The studio also offers membership-based access to our facilities for those keen on continuing their woodworking journey with us.


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