• Storage - Textiles Studio Shelf

Storage - Textiles Studio Shelf

Location: 121 Princess St, 2nd Floor, Wood Studio
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Ceramic Studio Shelf
  • One shelf measuring 15" x 48", located in the ceramic studio.



  • Storage access

  • Storage is available to members on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Members are responsible for:

    • Maintaining a tidy storage space
    • Refraining from placing undue stress on storage units by overloading them with excess weight/materials
    • Consistent fee payment

  • Restrictions
    • Members will only utilize storage areas they have signed and paid for. 
    • Members will only utilize storage areas for studio supplies, consumable materials and related tools/products.
    • Flammable, toxic, poisonous or otherwise hazardous materials are not permitted in the studio
    • HCS tools/machinery/materials will not be stored on individual member shelves

  • Liability
  • Each member, studio guest, workshop or course attendee will sign a waiver ahead of any active studio use. The member will not hold the Organization responsible for any tangible or intangible damage that might happen on site. The member will not hold the Organization responsible for any theft, damage of their personal property or loss of income. 

  • Dues / Payment Policies
  • Storage is available in multiple increments, depending on the studio location and size of storage available. Storage is available for a fee, payable up front or on a monthly basis. Late payments will incur a 2% late fee, accrued daily. Storage locations, access and fees are subject to change.

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