Membership and Volunteer Engagement Committee

The Membership and Volunteer Engagement Committee at Hamilton Craft Studios is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and engaged community of members and volunteers. This committee is responsible for attracting new members, retaining existing members, and ensuring a positive and fulfilling experience for all individuals involved in the organisation.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and implement strategies to recruit new members and volunteers, targeting diverse audiences and community segments.
  2. Welcome and onboard new members, assisting new members with situating themselves in the studio
  3. Organise and facilitate member and volunteer appreciation events and activities to recognize their contributions.
  4. Create opportunities for member networking, collaboration, and skill-sharing.
  5. Gather feedback from members and volunteers to assess their needs and interests, and use this information to enhance programming and engagement efforts.
  6. Collaborate with other committees to integrate membership and volunteer engagement into organisational initiatives and events.


  1. Attend regular committee meetings and actively contribute to membership and volunteer engagement planning and discussions.
  2. Show a commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  3. Have a strong understanding of the benefits and value of membership and volunteering at Hamilton Craft Studios.
  4. Develop and maintain relationships with members and volunteers, providing ongoing support and resources.
  5. Collaborate effectively with staff members and other committees to align membership and volunteer engagement efforts with organisational goals.

The Membership and Volunteer Engagement Committee plays a vital role in cultivating a thriving and connected community within Hamilton Craft Studios. By attracting new members, engaging volunteers, and providing meaningful experiences and opportunities, the committee contributes to the overall success and sustainability of the organisation.

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New Member - Standard Studio Membership

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