Clubs and Community Programming Committee

The Clubs and Community Programming Committee plays a vital role in developing and implementing diverse and engaging activities at Hamilton Craft Studios. This committee focuses on creating opportunities for members and the wider community to participate in through various clubs, workshops, classes, and special events related to arts, crafts, and design.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Program Development: The committee works collaboratively to ideate, plan, and develop a diverse range of creative programs and activities that align with the interests and needs of the community.
  2. Club Management: The committee supports the establishment and management of member-led clubs focused on specific crafts, techniques, or art forms. They facilitate club meetings, assist with club promotion, and ensure a vibrant club culture.
  3. Event Planning: They contribute to the planning and execution of special events, exhibitions, and showcases, providing opportunities for members to exhibit their work and engage with the broader community.
  4. Community Program Evaluation: The committee conducts periodic evaluations of programs and activities, seeking feedback from participants to enhance the overall quality and impact of offerings.
  5. Volunteer Recruitment: The committee assists in recruiting and coordinating volunteers for various programs and events, ensuring adequate support and manpower.
  6. Budgeting and Resource Management: They work closely with the management team to allocate resources effectively, manage budgets, and seek additional funding opportunities to support programming initiatives.


  • Committee members are expected to attend regular committee meetings and actively contribute to program development and planning discussions.
  • Collaboration, creativity, and a passion for arts and crafts are highly valued.
  • Committee members should exhibit strong organisational skills, attention to detail, and a willingness to take initiative.
  • Open and effective communication within the committee and with staff.
  • Members should have a strong understanding of the Hamilton Craft Studios mission and vision and work towards aligning programs and activities with those goals.

By actively participating in the Clubs and Community Programming Committee, volunteers can help shape a vibrant and inclusive studio that enriches the experience of members and fosters a strong sense of community at Hamilton Craft Studios.