• Wood - Turning on the Lathe
Foundation Course

Wood - Turning on the Lathe


● Sessions: 6
● Instructor:
● Studio: Wood
● Age Level: 18+

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Meet as a group for an introduction to wood turning on the Lathe. After your initial group workshop you will book a 4 hour lathe session which includes a 1 hour one on one session with the instructor and then 3 hours to practice the skills you've learned. This class is beginner friendly.

    Foundation Courses are an opportunity to dive deeper into woodworking by building furniture.  Students will gain hands-on experience cutting and fitting structural solid wood joinery and learn the techniques of experienced furniture makers to develop their accuracy, efficiency and patience.

    One session of in studio learning, led by a professional craftsperson, held in the wood studio. A one hour, 1-on-1 private lesson on the lathe, plus 3 hours of time on the lathe to continue practicing and learning. 

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