• Summer Camp Craft Camp 2022 Hamilton Ontario
  • Summer Camp Craft Camp 2022 Hamilton Ontario

Craft Camp 2023 / Ages 10 - 12


Age group: 10-12 yrs

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Hamilton Craft Studios is proud to offer HCS Summer Camp

HCS's CraftCamp, for kids aged 7-12, is held at our 14,000 square foot facility. Taught by qualified, experienced instructors, your kids will learn practical skills that are developed through creative, hands-on projects. Wood working, ceramics and textile studios provide a well rounded CraftCamp experience.

Each week the kids will explore the theme, engaging new techniques and skills. HCS is focused on safe studio use and creative problem solving, projects are designed around creative play and are infused with STEAM learning. Friday, at the end of day, parents are invited to engage with the kids’ creations in a show and tell lead by the campers.

We strive to offer the most fun, inclusive and safe environment possible. Please contact us directly if your child has any needs we should be made aware of and we will do our level best to adapt our programming if needed.

Wobot Factory: We'll make some wood wobot friends and try our hands at kinetic sculpture. Program is wood working and textiles focused.

Main Street: Build a miniature building and work on scale model interiors. Create intricate models and play with story telling through designing your space and outfitting it your way. We'll also work to create a landscape for the buildings and see where our imaginations take us. This project evolves as the kids generate new ideas and new directions to take the work. We'll work across all studios for different aspects of this project.


Drop Off - 8:30 - 9:00am

Craft Session Starts - 9:00am

Snack &  Activity - 10:30

Back to Crafts - 11:00

Lunch - 12:30

Games and Park time / More studio time - 1 - 3:15

Session Ends & Clean Up - 3:30pm

Pick up 3:30-4:00pm